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My name is James Graves-Barakaat. I love working at this type of bookstore. I get to read as much as I can about self-improvement and spirituality. I know that there is energy that responds to thoughts. I believe it is what some call God and I know it exists regardless of what it is called. What we know is more important than what we believe or what anyone else believes. Look in the mirror and you will see the reflection of the material body of a spiritual being made by All There Is.

Check your heartbeat and you will feel the result of the life energy that causes the heartbeat, breath, thoughts, emotions, and imagination. We see only expressions of life in other humans, animals, and plants. No one sees the life itself or the cause of life.

It is the same cause of the universe, all life, nature, and universal laws that include the laws of science which are effects as evidence of the unknowable and undefinable cause. The cause must exist if the effects exist and no effects can precede its cause.

Try to stop thinking and you experience the energy that prevents you from doing so. When we get the intellect out of the way, we can contemplate what is self-evident within the self which is the inner experience of what some call God although it makes no difference what it is called.

Those who have yet to have the inner experience can only call it a belief or something else, and that's understandable. It exists regardless of any religion although many religions speak of it. In any case, we shall all know what we are ready to know.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. That teacher is the inner experience of God that no words can explain. Thanks for visiting.

My answers to interesting questions on the Quora forum can be read here.
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